Ramex Summer Holidays || 3rd-23rd of August

Summer holidays are knocking the door! Ramex will keep closed from the 3rd to the 23rd of August included for Summer Holidays! Do you want to receive your goods before the closing? Place your order by the 8th of July and GO BIG with us!


LAST UPDATE! It's Official, Ramex is at work to ensure the continuity of the chains deemed necessary in termes of disinfection and sanitizing. Our guys in the production are greatly keeping making, our guys in Smartworking are going on creating, purchasing, drawing, supporting our customers. All of them are making us so proud of our team. Here in Italy it's snowing today and, as one of our Chinese customers and friends wrote tonight: “千里同好,坚于金石” "Disappear night, we will win at dawn" We fight the #Covid19 and WE GO FURTHER!


As you maybe already know, since saturday night Reggio Emilia, with several other cities of Italy, has been declared red zone.This measure is oriented to heal the spread of the #coronavirus in Italy and Europe and to avoid the possibility of more and more people getting sick. We are really lucky, since our health and sanitary system work really well, since the provision allows to the companies to work by the respect of some very important hygien measures and since the goods are able to go in and out from our zone. But most of all we are really lucky because of our people. This morning we had a speech with the whole Ramex Team, outside, in our garden, respecting the 1 mt of distance, asking them to strictly respect the hygien rules and to avoid to eat together, to NEVER stay closer than one meter (who knows us, also is aware of how important is the social aspect for us), to improve the efficiency and most of all to #GOFURTHER, as usual. Moreover, we are setting up our entire system so as to enable our colleagues in the sales, marketing, R&D and administration offices to work remotely. We knew to have a fantastic team and today we had the confirmation. Ramex is proud of the #ramexpeople and we are continuing to work, spreading the quality and the ethic phylosophy of a country that stays together, even at 1 mt of distance, that always finds a solution and that #GOESFURTHER, always. RAMEX WORKS, WE #GOFURTHER #ramexhosereels#gobig

Corona virus emergency- Ramex is at work!

First of all thank you very much from the deep of our heart for your support during thoses days of #coronavirus emergency in Italy. We want just to reassure our customers, providers and friends that are kindly asking, that Ramex is not directly involved in the emergency since Reggio Emilia is not a "red zone" and that we are currently regoularly working, without any current effect in the deliveries and in the production. We are just applying some normal rules in order to protect our employees and our families, respecting the regoular hygene standards suggested from our Health Ministry and taking this situation as opportunity to learn and to improve our skills as professionals and humans. We are really optimistic and our mood and humor are really high as usual, hoping that this international emergency will end soon. Thanks again for your support!

Christmas Closing- Order by the 3rd of December!

We inform you that Ramex will be closed for Christmas holidays from the 23rd of December to the 6th of January 2020 included. Orders with deliveries planned by the Christmas closing will be accepted by the 3rd of December 2019, after this deadline the deliveries will be postponed to the weeks 2 and 3/ 2020. We suggest to all our customers to check their stock and, eventually, in order to get the best possible timing, to plan the upcoming deliveries of January 2020 by the end of December 2019. Thanks for your Cooperation and Go Big with us! - Your Ramex team

The new Ramex Catalogue is online!

The Ramex new cathalogue is online! A lot of news, innovation, upgrades and brand new products! Download it at this link: https://www.ramex.it/catalogo.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3A7BEFz7vdC64PYHExQ5BTeQ9ZBmU9_zRy3l18UnllFzUY_h9LAVRtSc0

Ramex is approved by the standard ISO 9001:2015

The Ramex quality System has been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015 for "Design and production of hose reels, wrapping machines, equipment and cleaning accessories"

NEW Plastic Foaming Tanks 55 lt/14,5 US gal - 110 lt/29 US gal

NEWS !!!! These new plastic tanks with pneumatic pump are a great compromise between performance and durability. The plastic material allows a perfect operation with chemical products, requiring only a connection to the compressed air. The system is completed with a polyurethane hose of 3/8 "L = 10 mt and washdown lance with a ball valve. Available in two sizes: 55 lt / 14.5 US gal - 110 lt / 29 US gal




Ramex is pleased to Inform you about the transfer to the new headquarters in Via Togliatti 46, 42020 Montecavolo (RE). We look forward to Meet you in the new production plant to show the evolution and the new production concept !!!

NEW Hybrid Hose Reels

New HYBRIDS hose reels !!! These new items are the perfect compromise in terms of very High quality and a super competitive price!!! The new range for the moment include four items ; the AV HP 15 / AV HP 15 X that are High pressure spring driven hose reels for max L= 15 mt 3/8" , maximum pressure 200 bar/2900 psi AND the AV HP 30 / AV HP 30 X that are High pressure spring driven hose reels for max L= 30 mt 3/8" , maximum pressure 200 bar/2900 psi. All the items are produced in powder coated steel + Nylon or stainless steel + Nylon. Contact our Sales Team for info!!

Why to choose an hose reel with slow retraction system

When should we suggest the SAFE hose reel range?
- The safe hose reel range is specially equipped with a safety brake system to control the speed of retraction of the hose (in spring driven hose reels).
- When we have industrial applications with many operators working in the area,and if a hose retracts too fast it could hit someone and cause an injury or distract them from what they are doing.